Saturday, May 27, 2017

We focus on three main ideas in all of our tax preparation duties, whether it is a simple tax situation or a complex one:

1. Professional service
2. Affordable price
3. Year-round client support

As a growing business you may need to satisfy the concerns of stockholders, creditors, and investors that the financial position of your company is being rendered accurately.

For more than 30 years, Payroll Specialists has been managing the payroll needs of businesses with one to 1,000 employees, and we’re ready to help you. No matter the size of your staff, their full-time/part-time/contractor status, or pay schedule, we can handle your payroll needs. We also can help manage employees who receive tips, are commission-based, receive bonuses, or even advance payments.

Our highly trained staff is armed with a solid understanding and grasp of accounting practices. We are fully proficient in a variety of bookkeeping and accounting software. Our bookkeeping package includes detailed information and reports in an easy to read layout, outlining the financial health of your business. We guarantee a high quality of work at an extremely competitive price!

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